Our mission is to be the premier provider in the Pacific NW of transportation services, information, and technology for our customers, partners and employees.

Our employees will work in an environment of personal and financial growth, respect, safety, and encouragement. We believe in ensuring our employees’ success through proper job placement, training, and teamwork, and by empowering all employees to make their own decisions.

Our commitment is to establishing integrity and ethical conduct as the cornerstones of all employee behavior, and all others who act on our behalf. This commitment extends to owners, shareholders, regulatory agencies, suppliers, competitors, customers and fellow employees.

Our services will exceed our customers’ expectations through partnerships that are based on continuous improvement in processes, communication, integrity and responsiveness. Our services will also provide a superior return to be invested in our future, our facilities, our people, and our technology so as to assure the well being of all our employees and customers.

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